Nature’s Produce is equipped with several controlled zones. These zones include: dried, refrigerated (multi-temperature), and frozen.


Our facilities offer almost 150,000 square feet of storage space. Our state of the art coolers are both climate and humidity controlled resulting in optimal storage conditions for our produce commodities.


All commodities are received and inspected at Nature’s Produce distribution center, and again inspected upon delivery to your facilities to ensure quality and handling standards. All our employees have undergone rigorous training programs focusing on handling techniques.


We operate and maintain a new fleet of fully refrigerated vehicles. The fleet is carefully monitored and refrigeration units are carefully maintained in order to ensure maximum freshness upon delivery. The fleet is new and regularly maintained in order to obtain maximum reliability.


Due to our high volume and large fleet vehicles, we offer deliveries when it is most convenient for you. We are HAACP Approved vendors and compliant with all their safety measures. Therefore, we can focus on what we do best, procure and deliver produce.

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