Mexican Specialties

General Information 

The Milpero tomatillo is a miniaturized, berry-like relative of the tomatillo. It’s about half the size, around 1 to 1 ½ inch in diameter, and its flavor is more concentrated with a less intense acidity and slightly sweeter taste than the tomatillo. The fruit is firm with small pale seeds and is covered by a parchment-like outer husk. Most varieties are green, though some can have a purple hue to their covering as well as the fruit itself. Milpero tomatillo plants are small, growing to an average of two or three feet tall and producing good yields of the little-husked fruits that almost resemble a green cherry tomato.



The Milpero tomatillo is native to Central America and Mexico, and was developed as a crop by the Aztecs. Excavations in the Mexican state of Puebla have shown that tomatillos were being used as far back as 800 BC. Milpero tomatillos can be found growing in warmer climates, particularly where cornfields are abundant.