Snap Pea


General Information 

An All American Gold Medal Winner, Sugar Snap Peas are a group of edible, podded peas that were developed by breeding a Chinese snow pea with a mutant pea plant. The result is a snappy sweet pea with thicker walls and plump pods.



Locally grown at 2 Peas in a Pod, Arroyo Grande, California, this reputed farm specializes in premium peas and beans and has since 1988. An ideal climate compatible for these two very popular culinary vegetables is credited for superior yields harvested on twenty acres of fertile land. Sugar snap peas are harvested year round, unlike English peas which are susceptible to frost damage which causes a delay in this pea’s harvest resulting in a lower volume of English peas. Specialty Produce strongly supports and endorses the California farming industry and our local growers, ranchers, and farmers.