Yellow Finnish

Specialty Potatoes

General Information 

Finnish potatoes are small to medium in size and are round, oval, to crescent in shape, averaging 10-12 centimeters in length. The beige to light tan skin is smooth with a few brown spots and patches. There are also some deep-set eyes scattered across the surface creating a slightly bumpy appearance. The flesh is light yellow to white, firm, waxy, and moist. When cooked, Finnish potatoes are creamy and earthy with a strong nutty flavor.



German tinkers first introduced potatoes to Finland when they came to work in Inkoo in the 1730’s, but the tuber remained relatively obscure in the country. Germany, who had known the potato since the 1580’s, introduced it to the Finnish soldiers in 1757 when fighting in the Pomeranian War. When the soldiers returned home, this “earth-apple” spread throughout the country with farmers developing new varieties. Finnish potatoes steadily gained in popularity with the help from The Finnish Economic Society, reverends preaching its value on Sundays, and by the country’s distillers transforming it into spirits. Eventually, potatoes became the Nordic country’s most commonly grown crop. Today Finnish potatoes can be found at specialty markets and grocers in Europe.