Quality Assurance and Safety Practices

We are proud to say that we have achieved the highest scores for our HACCP program.


Quality Assurance is our main focal point when considering all aspects of a comprehensive program. We devote our efforts and view quality as the highest level of importance. We believe that it is the key to a successful program. After our intensive sourcing and procurement of the finest produce, all handling and packing procedures must be impeccable to provide the freshest, most flavorful and most aesthetically pleasing fresh fruits and vegetables.


Food safety is our first concern at Nature’s Produce. We follow a full HACCP program and go above and beyond to ensure we are serving you the freshest and safest produce. We have proudly earned marks of excellence in recent audits and have always had an exceptional past reflecting our ongoing pursuit of safety. Our safe and clean environment coupled with our Good Manufacturing Practices ensures the highest level of product safety and quality upon delivery.


All of Nature’s Produce employees must go through extensive food safety programs. Our comprehensive food safety program monitors everything from the fields to your facilities. Our facilities offer a vast amount of space for varieties of storage including refrigerated, frozen and dry areas. All of these storage areas are temperature controlled.


Food safety is a continuous program and our staff works diligently to keep a clean and sterile environment. Our food safety management team has devised a program and implemented an organizational chart and process flow diagram in addition to descriptions of all responsibilities for each employee. Our facilities are also regularly visited by our pest control company to maintain, reduce and/or eliminate any concerns. Our food safety managers are constantly performing verification procedures to ensure all processes are being followed correctly.


In order to serve you the safest and freshest produce we practice first in and first out rotation procedures (FIFO). Our perishable commodities have an average turnover rate of 48 hours or less. All products are kept under optimal and recommended storage conditions to attain maximum shelf life and reduce risk of any type of contamination.


Our stringent policies go beyond monitoring product while in our possession. We require any grower, shipper or supplier to provide a full letter of guarantee stating that “The products that are supplied to Nature’s Produce Company are produced in compliance with all USDA and FDA regulations and are not misbranded or adulterated as required by the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act, Title 21, Section 301 of the Code of Federal regulations.” Nature’s Produce follows a full product recall and tracing program. Mock recalls are regularly conducted in order for us to be ready to respond and react immediately in the event of emergency. All protocols are followed and documented per HACCP and USFDA guidelines.