MARKET REPORT – April 15, 2024

MARKET REPORT – April 15, 2024

Another rainy weekend is upon us.


Some good news is stone fruit season is here officially!  Technically it starts with Green Almonds, then cherries and loquats before the peaches show up.


Murray Farms began their cherry season with a new variety courtesy of International Fruit Genetic Cherry Program (the same IFG that breeds all the insane grapes murray grows).  It is bred for an early harvest over flavor, so please be cautious ordering these cherries.  It is the very first year the trees produced any fruit and they have a tendency to crack easily from the rain.  The few I ate were very subpar with very little sweetness or acidity.


Reiger Farms has ended his tangerine season and expects to return in about 6 weeks with his first peaches!  We will have his tangerines around for another week or 2 in inventory!

Scott Farms I would expect to return about the same time as they are neighbors.


Chicories have pretty much ended for the season.  Even Kenter canyon will gap for a few weeks on radicchio and Treviso.


Bulk nantes carrots have returned at Weiser Farms this week, but please be aware there will be limited to no availability for sprouting broccoli with the rain.  I saw some very stemmy purple sprouting today.


Keep dry and look forward to another warm week after Sunday.