MARKET REPORT – April 17, 2023

MARKET REPORT – April 17, 2023

As the weather finally starts to warm up (at least on the farms) we will start to see some peeks of summer soon like cherries and squash


Wong farms will have some mix squash for another 6 weeks and I would expect Tamai and Beylik to have theirs by then.  Their tomatoes have 4 to 6 weeks left depending on temps on the farm.  These are growing outside in aquaponics, but not under a hoop house.  Jason said temps were hitting 105 this past week.  After that they will take their break and return usually around July with their amazing Mangoes (they will have pineapple in a couple of years if they grow as far so good)


JG Berries had a few baskets of pink lemonade blueberries last week, so hopefully with the warmer weather they will be available shortly.


Harry’s Berries will have Mares du bois soon


Fat Uncle Farms Green almonds are now gorgeous and fat.  So get them before the season ends.


English Peas, Fava Beans, and Sugar Snaps peas are plentiful.

Rhubarb is available, but its thin shorter stalks compared to the giant hot house stuff (but it is red vs pink hot house)


Ramps are still coming into the warehouse weekly from the east coast.


Starting this Thursday we will finally have The Garden of Mixed Salanova back in stock!!!!


Cherries from Murray Farms will be ready approximately the first week of May (for reference on how the weather has affected crops we were buying white mulberries and cherries this past week last year).  Though he could have a small amount right before at a premium price.


Regier Farms is really hoping to have peaches and nectarines by the middle of May, but said due to all the weather could push the crop to end of May before he is willing to pick any fruit.


We have also begun stocking the Girl and Dug cherry tomato mix (5# boxes) and will soon bring in their Squashini (korean squash grown in a bag, think pre compressed squash).