MARKET REPORT – April 29, 2024

MARKET REPORT – April 29, 2024

Summer fruits are slowly appearing!


Murray farms has begun their cherry season.  We should start to see the volume pick up in another week and the price will drop when we can buy bulk boxes.  Until then it will only be sold in a 1/2pt flats (12bskts approx. 6#).  They are hoping for some non organic Arvin glen or early arvins this coming week.  They had some organic pie cherries this past week as well.


We have begun getting conventional cherries as well, but volume is still low on what we are able to buy.


Murray also began their blueberry season with Snow chasers, and their awesome white shatoot mulberries have begun (keep in mind these turn very fast due to high sugars)


Anyone who needs green berries please preorder them.


Rincon Del Mar Ranch has concluded their cherimoya season and will not return this week.


We should be approximately 4 weeks away from peaches (Reiger farms should be back then, Scott farms will follow right behind or at the same time)


Weiser Farms has all but about  finished with all sprouting broccoli.

They have however returned with their tasty laker baker and magic myrna potato (we are stocking myrna already)


This will probably be the final week we have Reiger Tangerines in stock.  After that we will stop bringing in for inventory as stone fruit season is about to hit.