MARKET REPORT – April 7, 2024

MARKET REPORT – April 7, 2024

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend with this nicer weather.


Tutti Frutti still has wild chanterelles, and now they have started snow peas.  English and Sugar snap are full speed ahead.  They will not have many fava beans this year as they lost a field, and are now awaiting the small one to catch up.


Wong is going strong on their cherry tomatoes now with 3 -4 varieties in the mix.  They also have a little bit of chiles and peppers.


Girl and Dug seems to have begun picking up with their tomato mixes and we will stock as long as they are available.  April is the beginning of their season.


Labaucher Farms is no longer at the market.  They did not renew their lease on land.


We finally have Red Gem back from the Garden of.  They are still gapping on carrots.  They have some beautiful turnips (red and white) as well as French Butter Lettuce this week.