Market Report – August 1, 2022

Market Report – August 1, 2022

Some sad news is currants from Girl and Dug are finished for the year.  Unfortunately, 106deg heat fried the fruit.  They expect the plants to be mature enough next year to shade out lower fruit from this issue next season (this is only the 2nd year for the plants).


In other news fall/winter squashes are showing up.

Green Kabocha, Tetra/row7 delicata, honeynut squash, and trombocino


Stonefruit is still chugging away and still has good life to give.


Next week we will be getting O’henry from Regier farms which is a highly prized variety and one of the most well known kinds.


Wong Mango are available in warehouse for anyone wanting outside of the market deliveries too.


Please keep in mind Harrys Berries wholesale season is virtually finished and what we are allowed to purchase weekly is a bare minimum



Jeffrey Malinovitz Nature's Produce Farmers Market Update 8-1