MARKET REPORT – August 28, 2023

MARKET REPORT – August 28, 2023

Wong farms will have 2 weeks left in their mango season, so get them while you can.


Grapes are still chugging along as are figs both from Murray Farms


Reiger Farms will have a few weeks left at best before their season ends at which point the yellow peaches will come from Tenerelli Orchards.


Andy’s Orchard will still have a lot of greengage and Mirabelle plums this week.  They had a lot of baby crawford last week too.  They will also end their season in 2 weeks.


Tamai farms will begin their cherry tomato season this week which we will plan to bring in for our mix cases.


Girl and dug tomatoes are in a gap still, so we suggest buying the 10# market mix or by the basket for conventional (which is all coming form coke farm and Valdivia)


We also hope to have red gems back from the Garden Of this coming week as well.  Last week the heads were just too small to pack a case (even over packing it was 2x the normal amount to fill a box)


See Canyon Farm has returned with start of their apples and pears.