MARKET REPORT – August 7, 2023

MARKET REPORT – August 7, 2023

Jimmy Nardellos are here!.


Her Produce will have availability this week and I will have them in stock.


Figs are officially back at Murray Farms now in a few varieties.


Wong Mangos have returned as well!


We are going to have another tight wee on yellow peach unfortunately.  We have more than enough on preorder with Regier, but he is only expecting to be able to fill half of our order.  Hopefully next season we wont have wacky weather that messes with the bees and pollination time..


Green Gage plums are expected to start at Andys Orchards and will be available for around 3 weeks I think.  They are not cheap but delicious.  Order early.


There was an unfortunate gapping in Weiser Melons and we should be back in stock with them by Tuesday afternoon.  What they picked for the weekend was the 1st of the new fields and was small and not quite ripe either, so we held off on buying from them..


There are some cases from Munak Ranch (contains Rocky Sweet, Ambrosia, and Anana) available until we can pick up from Weiser Farms.