Market Report – August 15, 2022

Market Report – August 15, 2022

I hope everyone is keeping cool this week.


To start I want to make sure everyone knows that Regier Farms will be nearing the end of their peach season not too far from now.  When that happens we will be buying our peaches from Tenerelli Orchards as he is a late season farm.  Their yellow peaches are just starting this week.


White peaches this week from Tenerelli may have visual streaking from rains, but are brixxing near 20 (Regier is finished mostly with everything but yellow peach)

Yellow nectarines will be tight this week as well with Tenerelli and Regier both gapped.  We will do our  best to fill in with Scott Farms.


Plums are still rocking hard in many varieties.  We are buying 4 to 6 kinds a week right now.


Figs are plentiful and Garcia farms has started their crop this past week too.


Grapes are plentiful and will be around in some form until about December (bear in mind a lot of that product is storage fruit though those varietals are not yet harvesting right now)


Rincon Del Mar Farms returned last week with passion fruits.


Melons and Peppers are still going strong and we are still stocking Weiser Farm mixes and their Jimmy nardello peppers.


A reminder for anyone ready to do Fall r&d that there are hard squashes available at the market.


A fun fact I learned recently about Armenian Cucumbers is that they are in fact not a cucumber but classified a musk melon like our delicious cantaloupes.  However, they work better as a cucumber and are looked upon as a terrible melon.  Rocky canyon will have their crop in soon.





Jeffrey Malinovitz Nature's Produce Farmers Market Update 8-15