A couple of quick reminders:

The Garden Of will not be attending the market NEXT Wed 12/28. We are going to try to buy just enough to make it through the following week with them
Tamai Family Farms will not be attending the markets next week and will return 1/4
Rincon Del Mar Ranch will also be skipping the market, but their product can still be ordered (Coleman Farms will bring down for them)

Tamai Green Beans will be in a gap for approximately 2 weeks

All the spigarellos have begun and more baby broccoli has been showing up (weiser has some on table, but not listed for wholesale yet).

The Garden of has started with their Pink Radicchio (Rosalba) and I would expect Weiser and hopefully Flora Bella to have some this year too.

Some of you have inquired about crosnes with me recently. Unfortunately Weiser farms has not grown them in some years now. I spoke to Alex about the prospect of doing it again next year, but he will have to track down seed. We looked for them with our buyers team and they told me the vendor who typically brings them in this time of year opted out due to pandemic stuff.


Nature's Produce Farmers Market Update 12-19-2022