MARKET REPORT – February 18, 2024

MARKET REPORT – February 18, 2024

Hopefully everyone made it through the atmospheric river this past week!


A gloomy day with more rain in the forecast.  This means some farms will be skipping next week like The garden of (they are skipping 2 weeks).  Reiger Farms is tentative based on what rain happens Monday and Tuesday.  For now we have plenty of their tangerines.


Chicory season will continue for a few more weeks.  Coleman is already down to just 2 varieties.  Weiser farms still has a variety, but I will say aside from the Rosalba they are all very dense, large heads.


Seedless nordman kumquats are now finished for the season, but there are plenty nagami and meiwa available.


Telos Ojai has returned to the market a bit earlier this year with their top knot (sumo) variety tangerines


There will be a delay in Harry’s Berries season this year with all the wet weather.  I was also warned price may be going up this year.


We are now stocking girl and dug mixed tomatoes again in the 5# packs.

Girl and Dug also informed me today there will be no red mizuna or magenta spreen (type of lambs quarter) for a while.  The seed breeder has retired and they ran through the last of both seeds in December.  They are currently looking for replacements, but have no ETA.