Market Report – February 21, 2022

Market Report – February 21, 2022

Garden of Lettuce is back!
Rhubarb is plentiful at the market now, and Milliken Farms has limited strawberries and blueberries now.


Murray and 2 peas will be next to show up with limited berries (mostly blue to start when the weather gets touch warmer)


The Pudwill replacement has had a little bit of golden raspberry, but please order early as its very limited.


Plenty of English peas from tutti frutti with everyone else not quite ready. Same goes for Fava beans. Just not quite there yet.


Asparagus and Large artichokes at Suncoast still not plentiful enough. Need warmer weather still below 45 up there. I was sent some photos from the fields this past week and the Lyonne artichokes are just too small to pick still.


Its looking like the pink chicories are all said and done (the stuff weiser has had on table is not worth it, extremely small and not that pink).




Ryan Polisky Nature's Produce Farmers Market Update 2-21