We have had a lot of rain which has impacted a lot of the farms as far as being able to get into the fields for some.

BUT the rain is awesome for them in the long run.


As for next 2 weeks The Garden Of will not be coming to the markets; however, we are hopefully going to be picking up at the farm by Friday of next week.  This means their gem and salanova mixes would be available the following morning.


If you would like something specific added to the pick up please let us know by tomorrow.  I have to give our order ahead of time as its suppose to keep raining, so they must plan harvest (everything is carried out by hand no vehicles come into their fields)


Rincon Del Mar Ranch may be done coming, I have not confirmed this yet.


Sunchokes with Weiser are finished, but Coleman still has them and our conventional ones are organic from Cokes Farm


Honeynut squash is coming to an end.  What we have left in stock is most likely going to be the last of what we bring in.  The remainder of the product is most likely very small.


Next up will be spring peaking its head out.  I saw some ultra early fava beans from Mendoza last week so we will see what that brings in the next few weeks.



Nature's Produce Farmers Market Update 01-10-2023