MARKET REPORT – January 15, 2024

MARKET REPORT – January 15, 2024

The good news is we have all Garden of lettuces back in stock (green and red gem, salanova mix).

They also have lots of beautiful chicories including the first of Tardivo for them.  I have not seen it on their list, but Kai told me to try and order anyway.


Also County Line Harvest has returned to the market with lots of cold weather goodies!


Dragon Fruit is officially done at the market, but now we have beautiful Cherimoya from a couple of farms (these are being picked fresh and can’t be ordered ripe right now.  They will take 4 to 5 days to ripen)


Some winter squashes are coming to a close as well.  Schaners Tahitians are almost done (and much smaller) and honeynut squash will finish up in the next 2 weeks.


Murray Farms Tahitian Pomelos are sadly already gone for the season and his mini kishu (but Garcia has lots of kishu).


Nagami Kumquats are finally here for next 3 or 4 months from a couple of farms.


JJ Lone will start her quats in about 2 weeks as well as her blood, cara cara oranges, and pink verigated lemons, but for now she does have meyer lemons and tangelos.


Tutti frutti still has wild chanterelles (remember they are the larger variety).  They were a bit nicer this week and not as soaked through from the rains.  She expects to keep bringing them for a few more weeks.

They also have the first of the English Peas moving into week 3 and will continue to get more sweet.


We are starting to see a bit more flowering items coming in like broccoli, radish, cilantro, and even fava tendrils.