MARKET REPORT – January 21, 2024

MARKET REPORT – January 21, 2024

A few things to start

Persimmons are coming to a close at the market.  This past week was Briar Patches final day and we will no longer be stocking persimmons after they are gone (most likely by mid week).

We are getting imported fuyus from Spain in the warehouse if you need to continue using.


There are still some in small amounts at a couple of tables, so if you must have market please preorder.


Harry’s Berries is back, but please keep in mind the price will be very hi until mid February.


Dragon Fruit is finished at the market, but we have Red, regular, and yellow available.

Rincon Farms has finished with passion fruit, but still has plenty of cherimoya.  Coleman Farms has passion fruit


Also please be aware we will not have extra Garden Of Red Gems this week following market.  They will be available again the following week


Honey nut squash has also come to an end.  We still have a little left, but after its gone the next option while larger is koginut squash (same breeder as honey nut, but not as sweet).  Please preorder this if you would like.