Market Report – July 11, 2022

Market Report – July 11, 2022

Good news FIGS are back!.  Murray had some green Wednesday and JJ Lone started back today with honey green and violet de Bordeaux.  Her Tigers will come along later.


JG Berries also had figs and Polito should have their adriatics back shortly if not this week.


Wong Farms has a few varieties of mango to start off aside from the Valencia Prides that we are stocking a small amount of.


Lots of gorgeous peppers at Weiser Farms right now including one called Mareko Fana which is the backbone pepper in berbere spice.


This coming week we may gap on Regier Farms yellow peaches (he’s going to gap on the farm between varieties).  We will have to pick up from Tenerelli Orchards if that is the case.  These are the brown boxes (not all of the, get the fancy farm sticker)


Some other news is that Girl and Dug now has all the colors of Currants available for about the next 1.5 to 2 mo (blacks hang out the longest)  They are available in 8oz packs with preorder.  We are happy to stock for anyone who needs more availability of them.



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