MARKET REPORT – July 17, 2023

MARKET REPORT – July 17, 2023

Apricots are rounding 3rd base at this point in the season.  Tenerelli is finished, Andy’s Orchard may have some 2nds if any, and See Canyon Blenheims are finished.  Scott Farms continues to have some varieties around.


Tenerelli has begun with Peaches, Nectarines, and Plums.  I will be bringing in both Nectarines from him this coming Wednesday.


Emerald Beauts will start this week at Scott Farms (Green skin, yellow flesh)


More peppers are starting to show up like Italian long hots and Padrons.  Jimmy Nardellos may be available next weekend.  Wednesday availability should come soon from a few farms like flora bella and weiser.


Tamai Strawberry season has wrapped up, but they will continue to have them.  Fruit may be smaller and as it gets hot their shelf life will decrease.


Cherries are done at Tenerelli and Andy’s.  While there may be some around at a farm or two their quality will not be what you are hoping for.


Garden of will have both Speckle and French butter, but get your orders in early they are doing a hard 9am cut off due to excessive heat.


Grapes, Grapes, Grapes.

Get your grapes at Murray!  So many types and flavors starting to come in.  Murray Farms has a special relationship with IFG (International Fruit Genetics).  These guys are who invented the cotton candy (IFG7) and some finger types. Their varieties are created through natural cross pollination and selection, and not some wild GMO product.  If one of Murrays grapes has the IFG title it means its still experimental and not released commercially.  The similar types are sold at stores under an umbrella name or two on the commercial side like cotton candy since they all come at different times of the season (cotton candy, candy snap, candy dream, candy drop).