MARKET REPORT – July 31, 2023

MARKET REPORT – July 31, 2023

Figs will hopefully be back in a couple of weeks with Murray Farms, so that is some good news.


Lots of different peppers are now showing up from Padron, Jalapeno, Little purple bells from Weiser, Lipstick & Pimento from Beylik.


Jimmy Nardellos will hopefully show up at Weiser this week.   If you would like some please put in your request and we will fill what we can.


It looks like we may see a gap with both Tenerelli and Regier on Yellow Peaches this coming week.  We are hoping to acquire enough Masumoto Farm peaches this week to cover until the local guys can supply us (hopefully just one week without)


Tamai Strawberries are at the end of their season and if you are using theirs I would advise to move on from them.  Their quality, size, and shelf life has diminished 10 fold since last week.


As for tomatoes we are keeping plenty of Munak’s Heirlooms, Sungolds, and Sweet 100s around for you to buy as needed.  If you need a nicer mix of cherry I would suggest order the 5# mix from girl and dug we carry.