MARKET REPORT – July 7, 2024

MARKET REPORT – July 7, 2024

Beautiful summer weather this weekend!


More tomatoes have arrived!  Flora Bella has some beautiful heirlooms now.  Tutti Fruitt now has mixed and sungolds.  Our heirlooms from Munak are now mixed (please be aware Munak is a mix of sizing and will not be all large.  Please order from another farm if you can only use large sizes)


Bell Peppers are showing up more each week.  Some green nardelllos (Fresno does not let them go red, weather is not correct for that in fresno)

Flora bella has had some limited pepeprs (maganji, padron ,shishito , small amounts of nardello).


See Canyon Farms is back with their famous Blenheim apricots.  Their season will only last approximately 2 more weeks.


Cherries are all finished up at the markets.


I have left Andy’s Orchards blank for now as we need to see their new list to make it accurate.  I get them on Monday at 9am


Grapes have arrived!!!!  Murray has a few varietals (red only for now).  Thomcords are also now available as well as Champagne grapes.


Peas and Favas have pretty much finished at the market and we will stop stocking them next week.  The quality is dropping off and will not be worth buying.