Market Report – June 27th, 2022

Market Report – June 27th, 2022

The first of Jimmy nardello peppers were around today, so more peppers are on the horizon.  May be a week or 2 before I could stock them.


Tamai farms informed me that they will no longer be growing corn sadly, but all of our corn coming into the warehouse is out of Brentwood.


While local cherry season has pretty much come to an end we do have conventional cherries back in stock out of Washington State.


Also pretty much every farm has finished up with favas, English peas, snaps, and snow peas.  Which will also mean the quality and sweetness of conventional product will go down as well.


Please keep in mind that fingerling potatoes are very short right now due to gapping.

Blueberries have been affected by recent weather and are very short from the big farms including Driscoll.


Jeffrey Malinovitz Nature's Produce Farmers Market Update 6-27