MARKET REPORT – June 2, 2024

MARKET REPORT – June 2, 2024

Good morning on yet another gloomy day here in LA.


Sadly this weather is slowing down our upcoming tomato season.  Beylik Farms has been slim picking on any of their tomatoes.

The heirlooms I keep seeing at Valdivia’s table are terrible looking and green all over still.


Magic Myrna Potatoes are officially finished.

Weiser now has Row7 Badger Flame Beets as well in a 12ct


Murray Farms has ended their Cherry season and we will no longer be stocking from them.  This week we have Brooks from Barbagaleta Farms.

However, Murray does now have some different types of blackberries and his 2 types of boysenberries available.


2 Peas in a pod are expecting their first ollaliberry picks this week too.  They also have some really nice Mulberries too.


Pluots have begun and we will stock a little starting this week too.


Tamai farms summer squash mix has begun, and we are stocking a little bit from HER produce for now.

We also have Girl and Dug Farms Squashini on hand too.


Terry Ranch has returned to the market with her gorgeous stone fruit (peaches and nectarines)