Market Report – March 21, 2022

Market Report – March 21, 2022

Fava beans are here!  Both Mendoza and Valdivia showed up with them Wednesday.


I did confirm with Murray that his Cherries will arrive in about 4 weeks


As for Garden of Lettuces.  I will not know if the gap will end this coming Wednesday or not.  I saw photos of the lettuce in the field and it was fairly small, but figure it would size up in a week.  If not we will have 1 more week to bring it back into inventory.


Delta Queen Asparagus Update.

Harvest has begun, and we are in the process of organizing an order to pick up next week hopefully.  Will send an update when I have more information at the start of the week.



Ryan Polisky Nature's Produce Farmers Market Update 3-21