MARKET REPORT – March 24, 2024

MARKET REPORT – March 24, 2024

Spring continues to peek in!


Ramps are available through your regular orders at night now.

Fiddlehead ferns should be as well as Stinging Nettles.


Nettles are also available at the farmers market.

PNW Morels started last week, we are hoping to see some in warehouse by mid week.


Wong farms continues to have a little bit of summer squash, opal basil (green has been gapping), a little bit of green romano bean, and of course their delicious cherry tomatoes (mostly red varieties with a bit of sungold).

Please remember Wong is in Mecca which is why they have summer items.  They will be gone not too long from now and won’t return until late summer with their mangos.  There is typically some gapping in cherry tomatoes at the market from the time Wong leaves until the rest of the local season begins.


Tutti Frutti is hoping to begin with their fava beans in 2 to 3 weeks.  2 peas in a pod is a bit farther out still.


Murray Farms brought their first blueberries of their season.


Harry’s Berries how now begun allowing us to preorder product, but the price will remain high for the next few weeks most likely before they can bring it down.


The garden of will still be gapping on French butter and red gem (last week the red gem had too much mildew, so this will continue to be unavailable).


Weiser Farms has finished up with their red napa cabbage and radishes.