MARKET REPORT – March 31, 2024

MARKET REPORT – March 31, 2024

Happy rainy spring weekend everyone!


Spring is full steam ahead!


Fava Beans have arrived at the market with more to come.  They were on the small side last week.


Murray Farms is expecting their first pick of cherries in the next few weeks depending on weather, but he posted some fruit the other day.


2 Peas in a Pod have started their Strawberry season

Harry’s Berries has officially lowered their wholesale pricing and started taking preorders.  We are not stocking extra at the present moment.


Fat Uncle Farms showed up Wednesday with their first pick of Green Almonds.  They should size up pretty fast.


Weiser Farms said they should have magic myrna potato back in the next few weeks.  They are just waiting for them to finish sizing up!

We will stock as soon as we are able to.


The Garden of has finished up with their chicories for the year, and still continues to gap on red gem and French butter lettuce.  They also do not have large nantes carrots just yet.


Labaucher Farms is not renewing their lease and will no longer be at any market from here on out.