MARKET REPORT – May 26, 2024

MARKET REPORT – May 26, 2024

Stone fruit season is full steam ahead with first pick pluots showing up this coming week.  I would still hold off another week before plums and pluots.


We are stocking yellow peaches, yellow nectarines, and white peaches.  In 2 weeks we will start stocking plums/pluots with whatever is best.  We will keep a bit of apricots around from KnK ranch too.


Tomatoes are all still a few weeks out at least, so please be patient.


Magic Myrnas are basically finished up at Weiser.  They did have some pee wee sizing left last week.

Laker bakers are a good sub, but they are round B size mostly.


Murray Farms had a tiny bit of Kiowa Blackberries which are some of the largest varieties around.