Market Report – May 31, 2022

Market Report – May 31, 2022

Happy Holiday Everyone!


Murray Farms Cherry Season has come to a close as the heat has come and destroyed the last of the fruit on the trees.  His blackberries, boysenberries, and ollaliberries.


Andy’s Orchard has not yet sent out an email, but supposedly they were returning this coming week with cherries.


There are a lot of mulberries around, but JJs Lone are by far the best!


We also now have Frog Hollow Farms Organic Yellow Peaches for the season. SKU 01112 for a 10# flat


Durst Organic Asparagus may have come to an end this week due to heat at their farm.


We will begin stocking Girl & Dugs Korean Summer squash (squashini) later this week and will be available through the summer.


Lemon Cucumbers are now being stocked in small quantities as the farms ramp up on their production and soon we will carry mixed summer squash most likely from Tamai Family Farms.


Weiser Farms may actually have melons a couple of weeks early with the heat they will get this weekend.  Alex said he had enough fulled netted fruit that the heat would push em to be ready to pick.  This year also sees the glorious return of the Laker Baker potato.  Alex put these off for many years after growing them while I was a chef at Waterloo and City where we used them for twice baked potatoes.


Munak Ranch will return June 8th!!!!!  Typically he starts with just sweet 100s before the sungolds, but the weather this year may bring both to the table.

Tutti Frutti will be starting their heirloom season in the next couple of weeks as well.


Green Garbanzo beans may be available for 1 to 2 weeks from Birbiglitata farms.


Bautista Dates have ended their season for dates and will not be returning.





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