Market Report – May 7, 2021

Market Report – May 7, 2021

We will begin holding inventory on peaches in 2 weeks.  Please do your best to pre-order until then.


Regier Farms May skip Wednesday (They already cancelled Santa Barbara tomorrow due to lack of ripe fruit), but will return regardless in 2 weeks with lots of good fruit including two varietals of yellow peaches.


Scott Farms should also be showing up with his first variety of apricots Wednesday as well.


Murray’s infamous GG1 cherries (very high in acid) will be available next week.  Get them while you can as he does not have them for more than 1-2 weeks each year.

He will also have a bulk blueberry for anyone interested via pre-order only


Good tomatoes are about 1 month away according to all the farmers I have spoken to, as well as the start of peppers and eggplants


Ryan Polisky Nature's Produce Farmers Market Update 5-7