MARKET REPORT – November 18, 2023

MARKET REPORT – November 18, 2023

Citrus season is slowly rolling in.

Lots of tangerine and some mandarin varieties started along with the return of Regier Farms and JJs Lone Daughter Ranch.


Expect Cara Cara oranges to begin in the next 2 weeks (conventional ones will start in about the same time frame) as well as kumquats.


Polito now has Zutano avocados available.


We are starting to see a bit more chicory around as Puntarelle has officially started at Tutti and The Garden of.


Some other good news is that we should have limited Salanova Mix again this week from The Garden Of again.


We have begun stocking Regiers Satsumas and will continue to bring his tangerines in until his season ends.


Sprouting Cauliflower  and broccolis have begun with Weiser Farms and Fresno Evergreens too.  We have not started stocking any of this yet, so please make sure you preorder.


I’d like to make sure everyone is aware as well that the apples this season from all farms are on the smaller end (there are no varieties in the 88ct sizing if you are looking for a more standard size).