MARKET REPORT – October 16, 2023

MARKET REPORT – October 16, 2023

Persimmons have arrived at the market with all the usual suspects now (Murray, Garcia, Briar Patch, Scott)

We will start stocking from Briar Patch hopefully this week for the remainder of their season.


More pomegranates have show up this past week as well.


Honeynut Squash from Weiser Farms is now in stock packed in 10# boxes.


Hidden Rose Pink Flesh Apples from the Dragonberry Label are expected in this week as well.  They are packed n a smaller 20/22 count box.

They are gorgeous inside and a great balance of acid and sugar.  They are available up until the end of January typically.


We are also now stocking cone/caraflex cabbage from T&A.  Available as a 4ct bag.