MARKET REPORT – October 2, 2023

MARKET REPORT – October 2, 2023

All the stone fruit has come to a close.  We may still have plums next week, but I would expect that to be the end of them.  Melons will probably finish out this week too.. If we can get more we will, but they may only have 2 varieties in them now.


Figs have fallen off very hard this season.  Polito and Murray have finished already sadly.

Garcia just began, but she does not have the trees to provide much fruit each week.


Honeynut Squash has begun HOWEVER from weiser it is extremely green, so we passed on it this weekend.  I was informed it would take a week to ripen.  We will try to source from Rocky Canyon Wednesday until Weiser has viable product to buy.


In other news Frog Hollow Warren Pears have arrived!  We are hoping their season does not fall a month short like last year though.  These are a European variety with very little graininess to the flesh like most other pears, and are very sweet.  They can be eaten crips or allowed to ripen soft.


The local market fuyu persimmons have not quite started, but we do have conventional in the warehouse that was a few days from ripe if left out.  We may still be a couple of weeks out on the local season along with most of the pomegranate as well.  We will bring in some frog hollow flats in a few weeks probably when their season begins too.


On a side note we have began shifting to Sabatino truffle products and are now offering a new product, white truffle oil in a 1 gallon format (sku #99573)