MARKET REPORT – October 23, 2023

MARKET REPORT – October 23, 2023

Schaner has started bringing his large Tahitia squashes.  They are delicious, sweet, dense, and buttery like a butter on roids.  They are one of my favorite squashes of the fall.


Everyone has begun with persimmons and pomegranates now.There is a lot of passion fruit as well.


We will start to see some colder items show up very soon like 2 peas cauliflowers and brussels. Garden of has a little bit of chicory (escarole, Treviso, frisée).


We will see more of this type of stuff as the weather cools down more.


Lemon cucumbers have dropped off with the temp drops.  There is stuff on the plants, but not ripening right now.


A reminder that hidden rose apples from Dragonberry are now available in the warehouse thru the beginning of February


We are now stocking Briar Patch Persimmons for the remainder of their season.