MARKET REPORT – October 30, 2023

MARKET REPORT – October 30, 2023

A quick reminder that Frog Hollow’s Warren Pear season came to a very early end this year (a full month ahead) and we are now out until next season.  Please consider using something like a Forelle Pear as an in house option.  We can still get some Warrens from See Canyon, but they are nothing like the Frog Hollow ones unfortunately.


Mixed cherry heirloom tomatoes will be less available moving forward.  Tamai will give us what they can, but the mix will be less of a mix this week most likely.  We will still continue to have Munak Ranch heirlooms and sungolds until their season ends (first frost will take it all out).


We will be stocking Shinko Asian pears from Terry ranch for most of the season as well as Briar Patches Fuyu Persimmons.


If you need plums or melons please preorder as we do not plan to stock any more moving forward, but look forward to next season.


Cone head cabbage arrived at weiser this week, but we now stock a conventional cone cabbage year round for far less than the market prices it at.


Guava season arrived at Garcia this past week, it was hard to miss that sweet musky smell.