MARKET REPORT – September 11, 2023

MARKET REPORT – September 11, 2023

A quick reminder Brentwood corn as pretty much finished up.


Stone fruits continue to wind down.  Reiger Farms has finished their season and will return in November with tangerines. Scott Farms is down to just 1 or 2 varieties of plums.  He has a lot of grapes, but most of his have seeds.


Murray Farms has pretty much finished up with their IFG red candy grapes.  Unfortunately the rain we just had molded a lot of what was left on the vines for the dark grapes.  What he has left is mainly concord and scarletts.


Tenerelli said he has approx. 2 weeks remaining in his season as well.  You will see the peaches change at some point next week from Reiger to Tenerelli.


I actually saw the smallest little pile of honeynut squash at Weiser Farms table today.


There is around 1 month to go on melon season (we will move to Munak if Weiser finishes before them).


Cuyama Orchards has returned for apples season with Galas for now and Fairhill farms came with apples too.


Jimmy Nardellos will take a gap for the next 3 weeks.  Her produce lost a bunch to the weather and the last push is still green.


Wong Farms is finished with their mango season, but we still have a few cases left.


Some quince started at Terry ranch today, but no persimmons from anyone so far.