MARKET REPORT – September 18, 2023

MARKET REPORT – September 18, 2023

Summer is coming to a close over the next 2 weeks.


Peaches… We expect this to be the last pick up with Tenerelli Orchards before their season ends.  Commercial fruit is already tight.

Plums and Nectarines will fall off about the same time

Melons will drop off as well.

Grape varieties are down to some with seeds and standard red or green grapes.  All of the candy flavored IFG style grapes are gone, but available as Raisins now.


The Garden of will no longer sell Speckled Romaine sadly.  Coleman farms does not grow enough to cover, so please be aware availability will be very limited for about the next 4 months.


Lemon Cucumber will be finishing up shortly too.


A reminder that Dates are back.

Fresh on the vine Bahri for the next few weeks before they finish as well as Medjool and Honey Dates.  The other varieties will be in shortly.