Gaya Melon


General Information 

The Ivory Gaya melon has a unique variegated exterior, as the name suggests the base color of the skin is an ivory cream covered in small lime green speckles and streaks. A petite melon the Ivory Gaya has an oblong shape. Ivory Gaya melons have a thin outer rind, that when cut reveals a creamy white inner flesh. Toward the center of the melon, the flesh is soft and juicy, the flesh closer to the skin of the Ivory Gaya melon will have a crisper texture. The Ivory Gaya offers a sweet flavor, with nuances of pear and honey. When ripe its blossom end will have a slight give and when at room temperature will offer a sweet and rich melon aroma.



The Ivory Gaya melon is native to Japan. In addition to Japan, today it can be found growing in China, Mexico, South America and in North America, specifically in southern California. A vining type the Ivory Gaya melon thrives in warm sunny conditions. Sill a rather unique variety melon in California the Ivory Gaya can be found at select Asian markets, farmers markets and specialty grocers.