German Butterball

Specialty Potatoes

General Information 

German Butterball potatoes are medium to large in size and are round to oblong in shape, averaging 10-12 centimeters in length. The pale, smooth, yellow skin is lightly netted with shallow eyes, dark brown spots, and brown patches. The flesh is a vibrant yellow to gold and is firm, waxy, and dense. When cooked, German Butterball potatoes have a creamy and tender flesh that takes on a smooth consistency and offers a rich, buttery flavor.



The German Butterball potato was first introduced by David Ronniger in 1988. Ronniger Potato Farm, nestled in the northeastern corner of Moyie Springs, Idaho, is home to over two hundred varieties of potatoes. Ronniger was a grower proficient in varieties that were first made popular in pre-19th century Europe. Today, the German Butterball is widely available across the United States in specialty stores, farmers market, and in home gardens.