Maui Onion


General Information 

Three characteristics set the Maui onion apart from other yellow onions: They lack the sulfur that gives most other onions their sharp taste and tear-producing odor. Their flesh also has a high sugar and high moisture content. This combination makes Maui onions exceptionally sweet and succulent, crisp and mild when perfectly ripe.



Maui onion’s sweetness cannot be duplicated if not grown in the red volcanic earth of the upland slopes of Mt. Haleakala, where they were originally cultivated. They are sown on the late fall and harvested in early Spring. They need only about nine hours of sunlight which is best suited to warmer climates and mild winters. The mild winters of Maui make them one of the first Spring varieties to appear. Maui onions are hand harvested and field-cured. Although the Maui onion was first cultivated in Maui, it was selected from parent onions from the state of Texas.