Purple Daikon Radish

Asian Specialties

General Information
Purple daikon radish has a typical root shape that is globular and tapers to a point. This variety of daikon can be recognized by its bi-coloring that is a violet purple on its exterior and a bright white to pale violet on its interior. The inner flesh is very crisp and offers a mild to medium heat and classic daikon radish flavor. When grown in a cool climate Purple daikon will be mild, when grown in warm to hot climates the radishes will develop a more intense heat.


Purple daikon radish is an excellent source of fiber and vitamin C, particularly when eaten raw. Additionally they contain flavonoids and the antioxidant sulforaphane. Purple daikon also contains vitamin B6, folate, and minerals such as K, Ca, Mg, and iodine. The leafy greens of the Purple daikon are edible and offer a significant amount of vitamin C as well.


Purple daikon radish can be used in both raw and cooked applications. Sliced thin they can be added to salads, slaws and sandwiches or served atop sushi and sashimi. When grated the Purple daikon can be used as a condiment. Thin slices of Purple daikon are also popularly added to stews, curries, broth and soups such as miso. Both the leaves and root of Purple daikon are popularly sliced and pickled as well. Purple daikon radish can also be prepared roasted which will tame the spicy bite radishes are known for and impart a caramelized flavor.