Zephyr Squash

Specialty Fruit

General Information 

Zephyr squash is easily distinguished by its slender crooked shape and its signature two-toned appearance. Its stem end carries a faded yellow color while its blossom end is dipped in a pale lime green. Under stressful growing conditions such as high heat or lack of water the amount of green coloring can vary. Its thin skin is smooth and glossy and may also be lined with faint white striations running the length of the squash. Its fruits can be picked at several stages of maturity though they will be at their most tender and flavorful when four to seven inches in length. Its tender creamy-yellow hued flesh is rich in dry matter and has a sweet and nutty flavor with a slightly grassy finish. In addition to the fruit of the plant, the leaves and the flower blossoms are also edible and offer a subtle summer squash flavor.



The Zephyr squash is a hybrid squash developed in 1999 by Rob Johnson of Johnny Seeds. Its parentage is that of a yellow crookneck squash and another hybrid squash that was a cross between an acorn squash and a delicata squash. Like many summer types Zephyr squash are considered easy to grow, thriving in full sun, warm weather and rich, well-draining soil. Similar to other crooknecks the Zephyr squash grows in an open habit and will be a prolific producer of both fruit and squash blossoms.